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Conferencing needs

As leading conference audio visual suppliers, we know that this sector is the most demanding in event planning and execution. Events falling under this umbrella include press conferences, product launches, sales meetings and international conferences. These are the most important events in an organisation’s annual calendar. This is especially so, as they bring together a number of stakeholders, who need to leave the event with a positive impression.

Conference organisers need events to run on schedule with professional audio visual suppliers to support event communications.

Delegates pay considerable attendance fees to participate in these conferences. Therefore, clear communications through the use of modern audio visual technology is central to the meetings’ sector.


Expertise in conference communications

Canadian View Corp has a wealth of experience as an audio visual supplier providing services and equipment to the conference industry. We have a detailed understanding of this complex industry and its technology needs. As leading AV suppliers in Canada, we are aware of the importance of the professional smooth-running of events.

We provide our clients with a tailored service by obtaining a detailed brief to understand their specific event requirements. This includes the equipment such as screens, projectors, microphones, translation booths and audio visual systems. In addition, we provide lighting as well as the staging of digital signage (which is critical during large conferences with breakout sessions.) Our professional technical staff is on site during events, to handle last-minute changes , without impinging on the event. Our customer-focused service provision ensures that we provide outstanding AV services.

Canadian View Corp is a leading supplier of audio visual products and services, to the conference industry, in Canada and beyond. We cater for various event size, while using technology to suit our individual client’s needs.

Canadian View Corp is a full-service audio visual provider, supplying audio visual system installations, rentals and product sales. We also supply presentation equipment, event rentals and a range of staging solutions, for events held throughout Canada and internationally.